220V Portable 200L Litre 8 Bar Air Compressor 3HP Engine Gauge 8 CFM 180psi

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Introducing the TMUS 200L 3hp Compressor with an XL pump – an ideal solution for heavy-duty usage in professional settings such as workshops. Capable of delivering 14cfm at a maximum pressure of 10 BAR, this compressor is highly versatile and cost-effective. With a 200-litre capacity, it is suitable for use by both professionals and DIY enthusiasts. With its 3 wheels for optimum maneuverability Additionally, it also comes with a 1-year warranty and is CE marked and certified for added peace of mind. Its side-by-side twin cylinder design ensures efficient performance every time.


Meet the powerful and reliable air compressor designed to help you get the job done efficiently. With a displacement of 14 CFM, this oil-lubricated compressor comes equipped with large, solid wheels for easy transportation. Its slow-running belt ensures smooth operation, while the multi-finned flywheel provides improved cooling.

Powered by a 3 HP motor and taking input voltage of 230V, this compressor has a receiver tank of 200 litres and can handle maximum pressure of 10 bar. At approximately 1350mm x 440mm x 990mm (L x W x H), this compressor is compact but effective. And when it comes time to move or store your compressor, it can easily fit into a crate measuring approximately 1280mm x 490mm x 930mm (L x W x H).

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