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19pc Universal Terminal Release Tool Set

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For damage free, releasing of plug type connectors. Release terminals on most body wiring connectors.

19pc Universal Terminal Release Tool Set

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    Trident Oetiker Cv Drive Shaft Boot Clamp Pliers

    The Oetiker CV Drive Shaft Boot Clamp Pliers are specifically engineered for use with Oetiker CV Drive Shaft boot securing clips. These pliers are designed with precision to ensure efficient and accurate installation of the clips. Key features of these pliers include:

    – **Compatibility:** Tailored to fit Oetiker CV Drive Shaft boot securing clips, providing a secure and reliable grip during installation.

    – **Plate Design:** Equipped with a plate that presses against the top of the clip, forming the spring loop accurately and ensuring proper application.

    – **Torque Wrench Compatibility:** The handles of the pliers feature 3/8in.Dr holes, allowing the use of a torque wrench when necessary. This feature enhances control and accuracy during the tightening process.

    These specialized pliers are essential for professionals and DIY enthusiasts working on CV drive shafts, providing a tool designed for the specific requirements of Oetiker CV Drive Shaft boot securing clips. The incorporation of torque wrench compatibility adds an extra layer of precision to the installation process.

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  • 9pc Oil Filter Wrench
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    9pc Oil Filter Wrench


    This set allows you to quickly and easily change the oil filter without damaging the housing.
    This Comprehensive set is suitable for both new and original type oil filter housings the unique Design grips the oil filter without Slipping.
    For use either by professional mechanics, technicians, or enthusiastic Diy’ers.

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    wiper Arm Puller

    wiper Arm Puller
    Battery Terminal and Wiper Arm Puller
    Fits most terminal posts
    Also suitable for windscreen wiper arms and some alternator bearings

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    Fluid Extractor 9 Litre Pneumatic

    Introducing the 9-liter Manual and Pneumatic Fluid Extractor, a meticulously engineered tool that seamlessly blends manual precision with pneumatic efficiency. This versatile device caters to a myriad of fluid extraction tasks, featuring a thoughtfully crafted manual pump mechanism for precise control when a hands-on approach is preferred. Simultaneously, the integrated pneumatic system ensures rapid and seamless fluid extraction, optimizing productivity and minimizing manual effort.

    The dual-functionality design empowers users to choose between manual or pneumatic extraction methods, providing flexibility across various applications. The extractor’s 9-liter capacity stands out for its ability to handle substantial fluid retrieval tasks without frequent interruptions. Ideal for automotive maintenance, industrial applications, and more, this extractor’s robust design and attention to detail make it a reliable and indispensable tool, enhancing fluid extraction efficiency in diverse professional and DIY settings.


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