US PRO Tools 16OZ Rubber Mallet Fibreglass Handle

Code: 4524
16 oz rubber mallet with a fibreglass handle.
General purpose mallet for soft striking work. Used in automotive, construction, landscaping, camping and DIY.
The handle is engineered from a material that contains more than 60% fibreglass. This produces a strong and sturdy handle, to which a non slip finish is added to improve grip. It uses a new patented method for fixing the head to the handle to ensure a secure connection and adds strength to the higher stressed area’s.
• Weight: 16 oz – 454 grms
• Length: 350mm (14″)
• For soft strike work
• Used in automotive, construction, landscaping, camping and DIY
• Strong fibreglass handle (more than 60% fibreglass)
• Non slip finish for improved grip

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Introducing the 6 oz Rubber Mallet with a robust fiberglass handle, designed for versatile soft-striking applications. This general-purpose mallet is a reliable tool for automotive, construction, landscaping, camping, and DIY tasks. The handle is crafted from a material boasting over 60% fiberglass content, ensuring strength and durability. A non-slip finish is added to the handle for an enhanced grip, providing comfort during use. Using a patented method, the head is securely fixed to the handle, reinforcing strength in high-stress areas. With a weight of 16 oz (454 grams) and a length of 350mm (14″), this mallet is your go-to choice for soft-strike work in various settings.