14 Picec Diesel Compression Tester Set

Code: ct3006

Product Code: CT3006

Product Description:
14pc Diesel Compression Test Set
Supplied with Gauge and Adaptors
Gauge reads 0-1000psi and 0-70bar with 368mm Hose and Release Valve

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In stock

In stock


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    0-10mm Dial Indicator With Stand Holder

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    •  The Dial Indicator can be fitted to the stand providing a motionless and stable means of measuring runout.
    •  The solidly constructed base is adjustable and has a fine adjustment feature on the boom arm for precise adjustment.
    •  The base is V-shaped for positioning on curved or cylindrical surfaces.
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    *18pcs small bins: 9.7*9.2*5cm

    Ideal for mounting in garages and/or sheds.
    With removable bins which are conveniently and easily accessible.

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