11mm Spanner

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  • CV Finish
  • With Polished Heads
  • Heavy Duty Combination Spanner perfect for all uses
  • High-Quality steel

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In stock

In stock



11mm Combination Spanner


  • CV Finish
  • With Polished Heads
  • Heavy Duty Combination Spanner perfect for all uses
  • High-Quality steel

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    Discover the versatility of our 106 Piece Screwdriver Bits Set, equipped with an array of features to meet your diverse needs. This comprehensive set includes 8 precision screwdrivers, 19 standard screwdrivers, and 64 CR-V bits covering various types (Slotted, Phillips, Pozi, Square, Hex, and Torx). Additionally, it features a 12-piece Nut Driver Set with sizes ranging from 1/4″ to 11mm, 2 Offset Screwdrivers, and a convenient 1/4″ Hex Bit Driver. Crafted from durable materials, the blades are made of carbon steel, while the bits are constructed with CR-V. The set comes complete with a storage pouch for organized and convenient tool access. Whether you’re a professional or DIY enthusiast, this set provides a reliable and comprehensive solution for your screwdriving needs.

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  • Suspension & Drivetrain Tools

    Universal Tie Rod Wrench 27mm – 42mm


    Introducing the Master Tie Rod Tool, a specialized tool designed for the removal of the steering rod direction. This versatile tool is engineered for the replacement of inner tie rod ends with ease, covering a diameter range of 27-42mm, all without the need to remove the rack and pinion. Let’s explore the key features and specifications of this master tie rod tool:

    **Key Features:**

    1. **Purpose-Built Design:**
    – The master tie rod tool is meticulously designed for the specific purpose of removing the direction of the steering rod. It excels in the effortless replacement of inner tie rod ends within the diameter range of 27-42mm.

    2. **Compatibility with 1/2″ Square Drive Tools:**
    – Featuring a special design, this tool is intended for use with 1/2″ square drive tools, providing compatibility with standard ratchets, extensions, and other tools in this category.

    3. **Reversible Design:**
    – The tool boasts a reversible design, enhancing its versatility and ease of use. This feature allows for efficient operation, whether tightening or loosening, making it a practical choice for various automotive applications.

    4. **Diameter Range and Internal Dimensions:**
    – The tool accommodates a broad diameter range, spanning from 27mm to 42mm. Its internal diameter is specified to seamlessly fit tie rod ends within this range, ensuring a secure and precise grip during use.

    5. **Compact Dimensions:**
    – With a length of 80mm, width of 35mm, and a chemically blackened finish, this tool is designed to be compact yet robust. Its compact size makes it maneuverable and suitable for use in confined spaces.

    6. **Chemically Blackened Finish:**
    – The tool is finished with a chemically blackened coating, providing corrosion resistance and durability. This finish not only enhances the tool’s longevity but also contributes to its professional appearance.

    – 1/2″ Square Drive
    – Reversible
    – Length: 80mm
    – Width: 35mm
    – Internal Diameter: 27-42mm
    – Chemically Blackened Finish

    – The master tie rod tool is applicable to a wide range of vehicles, including but not limited to Mercedes Benz, BMW, Toyota, Honda, Ford, Nissan, and more.

    Upgrade your toolkit with the Master Tie Rod Tool, designed for precision and efficiency in the removal and replacement of inner tie rod ends without the need for extensive disassembly.

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    Key Features:

    1. **Steel Compressor Yoke:** The kit features a robust steel compressor yoke, providing durability and stability during the flaring process. This yoke ensures a secure grip on the pipe, facilitating accurate and controlled flaring.

    2. **Flaring Tool:** The included flaring tool is a versatile instrument that allows for the creation of consistent and reliable flares. Its ergonomic design ensures ease of use, making it suitable for both professionals and DIY enthusiasts.

    3. **Flaring Dies:** The kit comprises flaring dies in sizes 5, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, and 16mm. This range of dies accommodates various pipe diameters, offering flexibility for a wide array of applications. The dies are crafted for precision and durability, ensuring reliable and repeatable flaring results.

    Whether you’re working on automotive, plumbing, or other piping projects, the 10pc Pipe Flaring Kit provides the necessary tools for creating high-quality flares. Upgrade your toolkit with this comprehensive set, designed to meet the demands of precision flaring across multiple pipe diameters.

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  • Spline Bit Sets

    Bit Extra-long M12 X 800mm

    Save valuable minutes and loosen drive shaft screws from the outside.
    Hardened and tempered Chrome Vanadium steel socket.
    S2 Steel spline bit extension with phosphate coating.
    Knurled ring on socket to assist gripping with oily fingers.
    Suitable for VW/AUDI vehicles, on Volkswagen Transporter T4/Touareg

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