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  • Air Compressors

    SIP V215/25 Vertical Direct Drive Compressor

    The SIP V215/25 24ltr Vertical Direct Drive Compressor is built with an upright space-saving receiver tank, making this compressor ideal for a range of environments where floor space comes at a premium. A lightweight design with handle ensures optimal mobility wherever the compressor is deployed.

    The top-mounted control panel is fitted with ergonomic dials and an easy-to-read gauge to make operation as simple as possible.


    • Oil-free system for a maintenance-free clean air supply
    • Space-saving vertical receiver reduces compressor footprint
    • Lightweight and compact design for easy mobility and storage
    • Integrated top-mounted control panel with easy-to-read gauge
    • Ideal for mobile tasks, small to medium garages and workshops
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  • Air Compressors

    Goodyear Portable Digital Tyre Inflator Compressor

    The Goodyear 12V compressor with a pressure gauge is a practical and versatile tool for maintaining optimal tire pressure. It features a high-precision manometer that accurately measures inflation pressure in both psi and bars, ensuring precise inflation control. The manometer is protected by a durable rubber crown for added resilience.

    With a maximum pressure capacity of 50 psi (3.1 bar), this compressor is suitable for various inflation needs. The convenient 12V connection allows you to power it through the car’s cigarette lighter, providing a portable and easily accessible solution for on-the-go inflation.

    For added functionality, the compressor is equipped with a bright LED light, making it suitable for nighttime use. This feature enhances visibility and ensures that you can handle inflation tasks even in low-light conditions. The Goodyear 12V compressor is a reliable and user-friendly tool for maintaining tire pressure and addressing inflation needs.

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  • 50 litre air compressor
    Air Compressors

    50 Litre Air Compressor, 11CFM/100psi, Oil Free, Low Noise, Electric 2hp

    • ow noise air compressor.
    • OIL-FREE – maintenance free and no oil contamination.
    • 2x Hyundai 750w (1500w combined) / 230v direct drive electric motor with UK 3-pin 13amp plug.
    • 50-litre tank capacity provides an air displacement of 11CFM/ 300 litres per minute and a maximum pressure of 100psi / 7bar. Air Flow (FAD) 150 litres/minute 6CFM.
    • Pressure regulator with twin pressure gauges and twin quick release ‘Euro’ type air connectors and water/condensation trap.
    • Includes automatic cut out switch, safety valve and pressure regulator.
    • Covered by Hyundai 2 year warranty.
    • Full spares available to maintain your air compressor for years to come.
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  • SIP Heavy-Duty Anti-Vibration Mount BUY NOW
    Air Lines & Accessories

    SIP 1x Heavy-Duty Anti-Vibration Mount

    The SIP Heavy-Duty Anti-Vibration Mount is a vital accessory for providing added support to lighter – up to 249kg – stationary compressors, helping to extend surface life by reducing vibration and lowering the overall operating noise level. An essential accessory to any garage or workshop environment housing a static compressor.

    SIP recommend that for larger compressors, those weighing 250kg or more, they are mounted on ITEM 02357A SIP Heavy-Duty Anti-Vibration Mounts 4pk. Like this mount, this set of 4 provide reliable and stable support for a wide range of compressors.

    • Supports lighter stationary compressors up to 249kg
    • Substantially reduces noise and lessens unit vibration
    • Increases compressor durability and service life
    • Suitable for a range of SIP compressors
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  • Air Compressor | TMUS 50 litre 2HP | Best Tool Prices in Ireland
    Air Compressors

    Portable 50L Air Compressor, 2.5HP, 8 Bar, 4 CFM, 2800rpm

    Introducing the Red Star 50 Litre Air Compressor – a powerful yet compact solution designed for a variety of tasks, whether for domestic use or beyond. Equipped with a robust 2.5HP motor, this compressor delivers at 115PSI and features twin outlet valves, allowing you to handle two tasks simultaneously.

    This versatile 50 Litre air compressor is ideal for a range of applications such as spray-painting, tyre inflation, or operating small air tools. With rear wheels for easy manoeuvring, it ensures convenience in any workspace.

    WARNING! Before plugging in your compressor, refer to picture 2. It is crucial to replace the shipping plug with the working plug to prevent any potential injuries. Failure to do so may result in harm.


    • 50L air tank
    • 4 CFM air displacement
    • Fully automatic on/off control
    • Safety Valve
    • Pressure regulator
    • Gauges for air pressure control
    • Wheels for easy manoeuvring
    • Twin outlet valves


    • Tank size: 50L
    • Power: 1.5 KW/2.5HP
    • Cylinder(mm): φ47*1
    • Displacement: 120L/min /4CFM
    • Rotated Speed: 2800rpm
    • Max. pressure: 8Bar
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    Engine & Gearbox Handling



    • Designed for shops with limited space.
    • Folds for easy storage.
    • Heavy steel construction for maximum durability.
    • Boom is reinforced to increase strength and eliminate flex.
    • Includes 8-ton capacity ram.
    • Heavy-duty steel casters for easy positioning.
    • Front casters include a safety brake to prevent movement.
    • Telescopic boom provides 4 positions.
    • Includes heavy steel hook with safety latch.
    • Wide base for maximum stability.


    • Boom Length: 40”- 63” / 1016-1600 mm.
    • Base Length: 69” / 1753 mm.
    • Boom Capacities:
      • 4,400 lbs / 1996 Kg.
      • 3,300 lbs / 1497 Kg.
      • 2,200 lbs / 998 Kg.
      • 1,100 lbs. / 499 Kg.
    • Maximum Boom Height:
      • 80” / 2032 mm.
      • 84” / 2134 mm.
      • 89” / 2261 mm.
      • 93” / 2362 mm22
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  • GEARBOX / TRANSMISSION JACK 500 KG | Tools in Dublin
    Engine & Gearbox Handling

    GEARBOX / TRANSMISSION JACK 500 KG Transmission Stand, 0.5 Tonne gearbox stand

    Explore the exceptional Garage Equipment group’s Transmission Jack, a fantastic addition to your workshop designed for effortless lifting of gearboxes, engines, or their components.

    Key Features:

    • Exceptional Quality: Engineered with reliability at its core, this transmission jack ensures long-lasting and trouble-free operation, providing stability and peace of mind during various lifting tasks.
    • Comfortable Moving: Prioritizing your convenience, the jack is equipped with four large wheels, each with a diameter of 7 cm. These wheels facilitate easy movement around the workshop, enhancing efficiency in your daily operations.
    • Foot Pedal Operation: The transmission jack features a foot pedal for lifting operations, allowing you to elevate the load with a simple press. To lower it, a conveniently located knob at your fingertips ensures ease of use and control.
    • Wide Working Range: With a versatile working range between 1055 and 1855 mm, offering an adjustable lift height of 800 mm, this jack can be effortlessly positioned to accommodate various car models and lifting requirements.
    • Adjustable Adaptor (Optional): Enhance the versatility of your gearbox lift with an optional adjustable adaptor (capacity of 500kg). This adaptor can be customized in two surfaces: high-low or left-right, providing additional flexibility for specific tasks.

    Upgrade your workshop capabilities with the Garage Equipment Transmission Jack, combining exceptional quality, user-friendly features, and optional adjustments for a seamless and efficient lifting experience.

    ChatGPT can make mistakes. Consider checking important information.
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  • Welding Machines


    200 Amp Portable Compact Inverter Welder – 15% Duty Cycle

    Small is beautiful!

    Light and highly portable, you will find that this welder is invaluable when it comes to working at height or in tight, awkward spots. You won’t be dragging your heels lumping around heavy kit, instead you’ll be able to weld stainless steel, alloy steel, carbon steel and copper with a highly concentrated arc at those vital points.

    This compact welder may be super light and yet impressively powerful for its size, these are high-tech welders running off genuinely great boards that pack in the power, fully utilising our advanced inverter technology. With a 15% duty cycle you’ll have time to manoeuvre but still not be hanging around for ever and a day.

    In a robust and compact casing this welder is truly amazing ,in the price includes not only your leads but also the full kit and kaboodle; a welding mask, wire brush, shoulder strap and carry case. With all this included in the price, when the competition sees this the sparks really will be flying!

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  • MIG Welder Welding machine Inverter | Best Tool Prices in Dublin
    Welding Machines

    MIG Welder Welding machine Inverter

    • Automatic feed
    • High duty cycle ( 60% at 40 degrees Celsius)
    • Adjustable inductance
    • Overheat protection
    • Gasless welding (Flux)
    • MMA welding process
    • MIG welding process
    • TIG DC Lift welding process
    • Brazing
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  • SIP T166-MIG Gas/Gasless Transformer Welder | Tools in Ireland
    Welding Machines

    SIP T166-MIG Gas/Gasless Transformer Welder

    SIP T166-MIG Gas/Gasless Transformer Welder

    The SIP T166-MIG Gas/Gasless Transformer Welder is built for serious home or trade welders, offering portability and high value through a lightweight design, adjustable output, and turbo cooling.

    • 230v (16A) input supply
    • 30A – 105A output current; 165A peak output
    • 0.6mm to 0.8mm Ø flux-cored wire; 0.7kg to 5kg
    • Heavy-duty metal casing for increased durability
    • Lightweight and compact design for portability
    • Thermal overload protection for added safety
    • Versatile adjustable wire feed mechanism
    • Turbo fan-cooled for higher performance
    • Supplied with torch and accessories
    • Ready for use in gas/gasless modes
    • 4 powerful output power setting

      Technical Description:

      ITEM NO. 05756
      Input Supply: 230v (16A)
      Output Current: 30A – 165A
      Output Voltage: 15.5v – 19.25v
      Output Settings: 6 settings
      Duty Cycle: 105A @ 20%
      Wire Diameter: Ø 0.6mm – 0.8mm
      Wire Spool Size: 0.7kg – 5kg
      Max. Wire Speed: 16mtr/min
      Welding Thickness: 0.7mm – 6.2mm
      Open Circuit Voltage: DC 32v
      Protection Level: IP21S
      Insulation Class: Class H
      Net Weight:
      Gross Weight: 25.80kg
      Product Dimensions:
      Packaged Dimensions: 370(H) x 625(W) x 300mm(D)
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    389.00 Exc. VAT 316.26 Read more
  • SIP 250ST-MIG Transformer Welder | Welding Tools in Ireland
    Welding Machines

    SIP 250ST-MIG Transformer Welder

    The SIP AUTOPLUS 250ST-MIG Transformer Welder is built with a heavy-duty transformer and turbo fan-cooling plus low current performance, perfect for heavy-duty automotive applications.

    • 230v input supply
    • 30A – 210A output current; 250A peak output
    • 0.6mm to 1mm Ø wire size, 16mtr/min speed
    • 30A low current performance for body panels
    • Heavy-duty transformer for high performance
    • Dual purpose operation; gas and gasless mode
    • Heavy-duty all-metal 2-roll wire feed system
    • 6 powerful output settings for added versatility
    • Turbo fan-cooled for increased duty cycles
    • Wheel-mounted with integrated bottle carrier
      which takes half-size and full-size gas bottles
    • Ideal for a range of automotive applications
    • Supplied with high-quality 3mtr professional
      MIG torch, gas hose, Earth lead accessorie

      Technical Description:

      ITEM NO. 05722
      Input Supply: 230v (38A)
      Output Current: 30A – 250A
      Output Voltage: 15.5v – 24.5v
      Output Settings: 6 settings
      Duty Cycle: 210A @ 30%
      Wire Diameter: Ø 0.6mm – 1mm
      Wire Spool Size: 5kg / 15kg
      Max. Wire Speed: 13mtr/min
      Welding Thickness: 0.8mm – 10mm
      Open Circuit Voltage: DC 34v
      Protection Level: IP21S
      Insulation Class: Class H
      Net Weight:
      Gross Weight: 53.00kg
      Product Dimensions:
      Packaged Dimensions: 930(H) x 950(W) x 500mm(D)
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    1,143.90 Exc. VAT 930.00 Read more

Latest Products

  • 1/4" Bsp In Line Moisture Trap
    Air Lines & Accessories

    1/4″ Bsp In Line Moisture Trap

    Prevents Water Contamination Of Paintwork
    During Spraying
    Includes Condensation Valve
    Filters Water Condensation, Dust And Oil
    Clear Filter Bowl Allows Inspection Of Built Up Condensation
    1/4″” Bsp Thread

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  • Air Filter/regulator/ Lubricator Heavy-duty
    Air Lines & Accessories

    Air Filter/regulator/ Lubricator Heavy-duty

    Introducing the Heavy-duty Air Filter/Regulator/Lubricator designed for versatile use in most workshop air supply setups. Here are its prominent features:

    **Key Features:**
    1. **Die-cast Control Heads:** Durable construction with clear polycarbonate bowls for longevity and easy monitoring.
    2. **Regulator Assembly:** Equipped with a locking control knob for precise air pressure pre-setting and a large, easy-to-read pressure gauge.
    3. **Filter:** Features an automatic drain tap for efficient moisture removal from the air supply.
    4. **Lubricator:** Includes oil/air mix control and a sight glass for easy monitoring of lubrication levels.
    5. **Protection Bowl Cage:** Ensures the safety of the filter and lubricator components.
    6. **Supplied Adaptors:** Comes with 1/2″ BSPT Male-1/4″ BSP Female Adaptors for convenient installation.
    7. **Wall Bracket:** Provided for secure mounting.

    – **Port Size:** 1/2″ BSP
    – **Maximum Supply Pressure:** 150psi
    – **Maximum Outlet Pressure:** 125psi
    – **Maximum Airflow:** 28cfm (at a supply pressure of 100psi)

    Upgrade your workshop air supply system with the reliability and efficiency of the Heavy-duty Air Filter/Regulator/Lubricator.

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  • Hose Reel - 8mm X 100ft / Air Line 1/4
    Air Lines & Accessories

    Hose Reel – 8mm X 100ft / Air Line 1/4

    The Hose Reel with an 8mm x 100ft Air Line (1/4″) is designed for robust industrial and commercial applications. Here are the key specifications:

    – Designed for 8mm inner diameter air hose
    – Working Pressure: Up to 300 psi
    – Construction: All heavy-duty steel for durability in industrial/commercial settings
    – Hose Length: 100 feet
    – Hose Inner Diameter/Outer Diameter: 8x12mm
    – Hose Material: PVC
    – Includes a 47” leader hose for added convenience

    – Sturdy and durable construction with all heavy-duty steel components, ensuring reliability in demanding industrial and commercial environments.
    – Suitable for use with 8mm inner diameter air hoses, providing versatility in various applications.
    – High working pressure capability, supporting up to 300 psi for handling demanding pneumatic tasks.
    – Comes complete with a heavy-duty 100 feet air hose, offering ample reach for different working scenarios.
    – The included 47” leader hose enhances flexibility during hose management and connection.

    This hose reel is designed to meet the demands of heavy-duty applications, providing a reliable solution for organized and efficient air hose storage.


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  • 20pc Air Accessory Kit
    Air Lines & Accessories

    20pc Air Accessory Kit

    20pc Air Accessory Kit

    List of accessories included below


    (0 reviews)
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