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  • Sale! 254 PIECE TOOL KIT
    Tool Chests



    • 326 pieces
    • 1 x Utility Knife, 1 x Claw Hammer, 1 x tape measure, 5 m
    • 1x 12 Spirit Level, 145TLG ironmongery set
    • 2x Plastic Cable Clips, 1x anti-slip telescopic magnetic pick-up tool
    • 1 x Insulating Tape, 1x Hot Melt Glue Gun, 1x Needle Nose Pliers, 1 x Side Cutter
    • 1 x Combination Pliers, 1 x water pump pliers (240 mm), 1x Gripiz nice, 1 x Krimpp pliers
    • 7x anti-slip slot screwdrivers (3 * 75, 3 x 100, 4 * 100, 5 x 75, 6 * 38, 6 x 100, 5 * 125 mm)
    • 7x anti-slip cross-cut screwdriver (3 * 75, 3 x 100, 4 x 100, 5 x 75, 6 x 100, 8 x 150, 6 x 38 mm)
    • 6 x Precision Screwdrivers, 1x Y Bit, 1x bit, 1x bit adaptor 12 bits
    • 12 x Bits 1 x Screwdriver Handle, 1 Reversible ratchet, 1 electric tester (110 V/220 V.
    • 1 x Pin Open Ended Spanner 10 x Fork/Ring Spanner (8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17 mm)
    • 1x T-handle slide grip CV ¼ “12x spanner sockets ¼ mit edge system (4, 4.5, 5, 5.5, 6, 7/8/9/10/11/12/13 mm)
    • 17x spanner sockets 1/2 with edge system (10/11 12/13/14/15/16/17/18/19/20/21/22/23/24/27/30 mm)
    • ‘4 Extension, 1x Flexible Extension, 2 x Spark Plug Sockets CV 1/1 16 + 21 mm
    • 2x Universal Joints, 1x attachment for T-handle/tog, 9x Innse Hexagon Key
    • Product image may vary.
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  • Sale!
    Welding Machines

    stanwerk mma250 digital inverter welder

    power voltage: single phase
    frequency (hz) 50/60
    rated input current 18.3
    no load voltage:70
    output current 20-300
    rated output voltage : 32.6
    force range 0-100
    duty cycle (%) : 60
    no load loss :40
    efficiency (%) : 85

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    135.30 Exc. VAT 110.00 Add to cart-9%
  • Sale!

    Telescopic 3 Metre Wash Brush And Squeegee

    Wash Brush and Squeege
    Telescopic Wash Brush and Squeegee
    Extends from 1.3 to 3 Metres
    Strong aluminium handle with simple twist and lock length adjustment and water thru-feed
    Includes brush with soft PVC bristles and window cleaner with squeegee sponge and wiper blade
    Integral on/off water control
    Includes universal water hose connector

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    29.00 Exc. VAT 23.58 Add to cart-17%
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  • Air Lines & Accessories

    SIP 1x Heavy-Duty Anti-Vibration Mount

    The SIP Heavy-Duty Anti-Vibration Mount is a vital accessory for providing added support to lighter – up to 249kg – stationary compressors, helping to extend surface life by reducing vibration and lowering the overall operating noise level. An essential accessory to any garage or workshop environment housing a static compressor.

    SIP recommend that for larger compressors, those weighing 250kg or more, they are mounted on ITEM 02357A SIP Heavy-Duty Anti-Vibration Mounts 4pk. Like this mount, this set of 4 provide reliable and stable support for a wide range of compressors.

    • Supports lighter stationary compressors up to 249kg
    • Substantially reduces noise and lessens unit vibration
    • Increases compressor durability and service life
    • Suitable for a range of SIP compressors
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  • Sale! Air Compressor | TMUS 50 litre 2HP | Best Tool Prices in Ireland
    Air Compressors

    TMUS 50 litre 2HP air compressor

    • 7cfm 50 Litre 2HP Air Compressor (230V)

    • Input Supply: 230V

    • Motor: 2HP 50Hz

    • 50 Litre Air Receiver

    • 7cfm displacement

    • 8bar (116psi) Maximum operating pressure.

    • Fully automatic on/off control – Fitted with safety valve and pressure regulator with gauge for controlling air pressure

    • Wheel mounted

    • Dimensions: 725x380x650mm

    • Weight 30kg

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    196.80 Exc. VAT 160.00 Add to cart-20%
  • SIP PX3/200-SRB 200ltr Belt Drive Compressor | Best Tool Prices
    Air Compressors

    SIP PX3/200-SRB 200ltr Belt Drive Compressor

    SIP PX3/200-SRB 200ltr Belt Drive Compressor

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    1,091.05 Exc. VAT 887.03 Add to cart
  • SIP AirHub Wall-Mounted Direct Drive Compressor | Tools in Ireland
    Air Compressors

    SIP AirHub Wall-Mounted Direct Drive Compressor

    SIP AirHub Wall-Mounted Direct Drive Compressor

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  • SIP V245/50 Vertical Compressor | Cheap Tools in Ireland
    Air Compressors

    SIP V245/50 Vertical Compressor

    The SIP V245/50 Vertical Compressor has a space-saving build that is perfect for mobile applications and tight spaces. Designed for trade, workshop, and medium-sized garage operators.

    • 230v (13A) input supply; 2hp (1.5kW) motor
    • Oil-free for maintenance-free clean air supply
    • 50ltr receiver; 116psi (8bar) max. pressure
    • 8CFM (227ltr/min) max. piston displacement
    • 5.4CFM (153ltr/min) max. free air delivery (FAD)
    • Vertical space-saving design for tighter spaces
    • Easy-to-read gauges and ergonomic dials built
      into an integrated top-mounted control panel
    • Designed for small workshops and trade use
    • Quick release coupler; Euro-type fitting
    • Designed in Italy
      Input Supply: 230v (13A)
      Motor Power: 2hp (1.5kW)
      Receiver Size: 50ltr
      Piston Displacement: 8.00CFM (227ltr/min)
      Free Air Delivery (FAD): 5.40CFM (153ltr/min)
      Max. Air Pressure: 116psi (8bar)
      Noise Level: 97dB(A)
      Net Weight:
      Gross Weight: 22.20kg
      Product Dimensions:
      Packaged Dimensions: 850(H) x 370(W) x 370mm(D)


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    Engine & Gearbox Handling



    • Designed for shops with limited space.
    • Folds for easy storage.
    • Heavy steel construction for maximum durability.
    • Boom is reinforced to increase strength and eliminate flex.
    • Includes 8-ton capacity ram.
    • Heavy-duty steel casters for easy positioning.
    • Front casters include a safety brake to prevent movement.
    • Telescopic boom provides 4 positions.
    • Includes heavy steel hook with safety latch.
    • Wide base for maximum stability.


    • Boom Length: 40”- 63” / 1016-1600 mm.
    • Base Length: 69” / 1753 mm.
    • Boom Capacities:
      • 4,400 lbs / 1996 Kg.
      • 3,300 lbs / 1497 Kg.
      • 2,200 lbs / 998 Kg.
      • 1,100 lbs. / 499 Kg.
    • Maximum Boom Height:
      • 80” / 2032 mm.
      • 84” / 2134 mm.
      • 89” / 2261 mm.
      • 93” / 2362 mm22
    (0 reviews)
    270.60 Exc. VAT 220.00 Read more
  • GEARBOX / TRANSMISSION JACK 500 KG | Tools in Dublin
    Engine & Gearbox Handling



    (0 reviews)
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  • Sale!
    Welding Machines


    200 Amp Portable Compact Inverter Welder – 15% Duty Cycle

    Small is beautiful!

    Light and highly portable, you will find that this welder is invaluable when it comes to working at height or in tight, awkward spots. You won’t be dragging your heels lumping around heavy kit, instead you’ll be able to weld stainless steel, alloy steel, carbon steel and copper with a highly concentrated arc at those vital points.

    This compact welder may be super light and yet impressively powerful for its size, these are high-tech welders running off genuinely great boards that pack in the power, fully utilising our advanced inverter technology. With a 15% duty cycle you’ll have time to manoeuvre but still not be hanging around for ever and a day.

    In a robust and compact casing this welder is truly amazing ,in the price includes not only your leads but also the full kit and kaboodle; a welding mask, wire brush, shoulder strap and carry case. With all this included in the price, when the competition sees this the sparks really will be flying!

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    135.50 Exc. VAT 110.16 Add to cart-9%
  • MIG Welder Welding machine Inverter | Best Tool Prices in Dublin
    Welding Machines

    MIG Welder Welding machine Inverter

    • Automatic feed
    • High duty cycle ( 60% at 40 degrees Celsius)
    • Adjustable inductance
    • Overheat protection
    • Gasless welding (Flux)
    • MMA welding process
    • MIG welding process
    • TIG DC Lift welding process
    • Brazing
    (0 reviews)
    299.00 Exc. VAT 243.09 Add to cart
  • SIP T166-MIG Gas/Gasless Transformer Welder | Tools in Ireland
    Welding Machines

    SIP T166-MIG Gas/Gasless Transformer Welder

    SIP T166-MIG Gas/Gasless Transformer Welder

    The SIP T166-MIG Gas/Gasless Transformer Welder is built for serious home or trade welders, offering portability and high value through a lightweight design, adjustable output, and turbo cooling.

    • 230v (16A) input supply
    • 30A – 105A output current; 165A peak output
    • 0.6mm to 0.8mm Ø flux-cored wire; 0.7kg to 5kg
    • Heavy-duty metal casing for increased durability
    • Lightweight and compact design for portability
    • Thermal overload protection for added safety
    • Versatile adjustable wire feed mechanism
    • Turbo fan-cooled for higher performance
    • Supplied with torch and accessories
    • Ready for use in gas/gasless modes
    • 4 powerful output power setting

      Technical Description:

      ITEM NO. 05756
      Input Supply: 230v (16A)
      Output Current: 30A – 165A
      Output Voltage: 15.5v – 19.25v
      Output Settings: 6 settings
      Duty Cycle: 105A @ 20%
      Wire Diameter: Ø 0.6mm – 0.8mm
      Wire Spool Size: 0.7kg – 5kg
      Max. Wire Speed: 16mtr/min
      Welding Thickness: 0.7mm – 6.2mm
      Open Circuit Voltage: DC 32v
      Protection Level: IP21S
      Insulation Class: Class H
      Net Weight:
      Gross Weight: 25.80kg
      Product Dimensions:
      Packaged Dimensions: 370(H) x 625(W) x 300mm(D)
    (0 reviews)
    389.00 Exc. VAT 316.26 Read more
  • SIP 250ST-MIG Transformer Welder | Welding Tools in Ireland
    Welding Machines

    SIP 250ST-MIG Transformer Welder

    The SIP AUTOPLUS 250ST-MIG Transformer Welder is built with a heavy-duty transformer and turbo fan-cooling plus low current performance, perfect for heavy-duty automotive applications.

    • 230v input supply
    • 30A – 210A output current; 250A peak output
    • 0.6mm to 1mm Ø wire size, 16mtr/min speed
    • 30A low current performance for body panels
    • Heavy-duty transformer for high performance
    • Dual purpose operation; gas and gasless mode
    • Heavy-duty all-metal 2-roll wire feed system
    • 6 powerful output settings for added versatility
    • Turbo fan-cooled for increased duty cycles
    • Wheel-mounted with integrated bottle carrier
      which takes half-size and full-size gas bottles
    • Ideal for a range of automotive applications
    • Supplied with high-quality 3mtr professional
      MIG torch, gas hose, Earth lead accessorie

      Technical Description:

      ITEM NO. 05722
      Input Supply: 230v (38A)
      Output Current: 30A – 250A
      Output Voltage: 15.5v – 24.5v
      Output Settings: 6 settings
      Duty Cycle: 210A @ 30%
      Wire Diameter: Ø 0.6mm – 1mm
      Wire Spool Size: 5kg / 15kg
      Max. Wire Speed: 13mtr/min
      Welding Thickness: 0.8mm – 10mm
      Open Circuit Voltage: DC 34v
      Protection Level: IP21S
      Insulation Class: Class H
      Net Weight:
      Gross Weight: 53.00kg
      Product Dimensions:
      Packaged Dimensions: 930(H) x 950(W) x 500mm(D)
    (0 reviews)
    1,143.90 Exc. VAT 930.00 Add to cart

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